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Crystal clear, safe and tamper proof point of sale blister packs. Impact and environment safe transportation vacuum formed trays.
Blister Pack

Blister packs / Vacuum formed packaging.

Our Illig VF74 and V73 machines can produce a large array of vacuum formed packaging solutions.

Choose from one of our large range of existing packaging types, or let us help you design a bespoke packaging solution with prototype samples and 3d CAD models for your approval.

To help choose your ideal packaging, below are a list of types available:

Clam shell blisters: Give all round visibility and can be designed for self-packaging or automated packaging.

Slide blister packs: Our Two or Three-fold sliding blisters allow the blister and the card to be re-cycled separately after use.

Heat sealed blister packs: These are individual blisters with a flat faced flange which is heat sealed to an adhesive coated card. Upon removal of the product the card and blister are separated for easy recycling.

Trapped blister packs: Similar to the Heat sealed blister packs, these individual blisters are sealed between two cards which trap the blister and product in place.

Bespoke packaging: Visit our premises or send us a sample of your product so that we can offer a bespoke style of packaging to suit your requirements.

Plastic thermoformed trays: These products can be used in bulk display items, presentation packaging inserts or as transit trays to act as secure protection of your products during shipping between locations.

All our vacuum formed blister packaging are available in different thickness materials such as PVC, APET and HIPS.